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MME 334. Lean Manufacturing

Credits: 4
Department: Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Description: Application of lean principles for continuous improvement in manufacturing. Use of lean tools for waste elimination in manufacturing. Introduction to production engineering with a lean perspective.
Prerequisites: MME 333, ETS 345
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF
Lab: Lab
Permissions: Other
Other Permission: department permission to enroll in MME block 3 courses

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Explain concepts of lean manufacturing and its historical development for waste elimination.
2. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills to use different lean tools for waste elimination and efficiency improvement of lean processes.
3. Explain issues in manufacturing such as process analysis, supply chain management, quality control, logistics management and inventory management in lean perspective.
4. Carry out process analysis, create value stream maps and action plans for lean implementation.
5. Carry out process selection and planning of manufacturing processes for the production of mechanical components with lean tools implemented.
6. Practice lean through real world project for waste eliminations.

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