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IS 372. IT Security and Risk Management

Credits: 3
Department: Information Systems
Description: Management of the security function. Risk assessment of the probability of data being compromised, design phase, and disaster recovery plan. Auditing and quantitative and qualitative analysis.
Prerequisites: IS 451 or CNA 397 or IS 363
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Evaluate the risk management process.
2. Analyze an audit trail and identify potential security risks.
3. Apply both quantitative and qualitative risk assessment techniques to security log data.
4. Suggest or modify a security plan.
5. Use assessment and security tools in an ethical and legal manner.
6. Evaluate the purpose of the various personnel involved in the risk assessment process.
7. Identify strengths and weaknesses in contingency and disaster recovery plans.
8. Audit security policies, such as network, host, software, physical, administrative, encryption, and TEMPEST.

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