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CJS 325. Comparative Criminal Justice

Credits: 3
Department: Criminal Justice
Description: A comparative study of criminal justice systems in the world. The philosophical, historical, legal, and political roots of these systems will be examined. Although the course is international in scope, emphasis will be placed on Europe.
Prerequisites: CJS 111
Semester Offered: Even Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Apply unique features of dominant criminal justice systems; Civil Law, Common Law, Socialist and Sharia Law as practiced in different countries.
2. Distinguish different approaches to Crime and Punishment based on the type of Criminal Justice System examined.
3. Evaluate the notions of Transnational and International Crime and Global Justice.
4. Apply the role of International Tribunals, International Criminal Courts, International Declarations, Treaties and Conventions in Global Justice to describe how Global Justice works.

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