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ANTH 364. Sex and Gender

Credits: 3
Department: Anthropology
Description: The social and cultural construction of sex and gender cross-culturally. Examples from selected societies.
Prerequisites: ANTH 101 or ANTH 250
Semester Offered: DEMAND
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. "Explain how anthropologists study, classify, and describe biological variation in the human species, and why they reject attempts to reduce social or gender inequalities to ""racial"" or ""sexual"" differences rooted in biology or genetics."
2. Define the anthropological concept of culture and show how anthropologists use this concept to account ethnographically for a varied range of practices associated with gender and sexuality across human societies.
3. Compare and assess the ways in which different constructions of gender and sexuality are connected to different symbolic and practical arrangements in different societies.
4. Analyze and evaluate the consequences of globalization, especially the development and spread of feminist and human rights discourses and practices, on sex and gender practices in particular communities.
5. Produce written texts showing how anthropological concepts can be used to evaluate biological and cultural explanations of varied cultural practices surrounding sex and gender.

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