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ANTH 240. Introductory Bioanthropology

Credits: 3
Department: Anthropology
Description: Physical anthropology; variations, adaptations, and adjustments of the human species.
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Describe contemporary evolutionary theory, including genetic variability, heredity, and natural selection in the microevolution of populations.
2. Summarize contemporary evolutionary theory, including evolutionary processes leading to macroevolutionary change (speciation).
3. Use contemporary evolutionary theory to trace major patterns of variation and adaptation in modern human populations.
4. Evaluate contemporary evolutionary theory, including the place of the human species within a broader context of primate biology and evolution, and an appreciation of how studies of our closest relatives shed light of human behavior and adaptation.
5. Apply contemporary evolutionary theory to investigations of primate biological change, including the evolutionary history of our subfamily Homininae, involving both knowledge of the fossil evidence for human evolution and the influence of cultural innovation on human evolutionary patterns.
6. Identify the interaction between culture and evolution in human evolutionary history, including what it means to say that human beings are biocultural organisms.
7. Demonstrate a knowledge of, and respect for, human cultural diversity worldwide and through time.

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