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MFT 658. Culture and Family

Credits: 3
Department: Counseling & Community Psychology
Description: Study of culturally diverse couples and families with special emphasis on understanding the significance of cultural contexts in working with people of different cultures.
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Define family ethnicity and articulate its connection to related concepts such as culture, class, gender, and racism. (PO 3)
2. Describe the typical immigration pathways and historical backgrounds of the major ethnic groups of the families studied in the course. (PO 3)
3. Discuss examples of diversity in families within ethnic groups related to the practice of marriage and family therapy, interpreting how such diversity might lead to differential outcomes. (PO 3; SLO 5)
4. Recognize and understand some of the dynamics and effects of racism, privilege, discrimination, and ignorance in our understanding of multiculturalism. (PO 3; SLO 5)
5. Balance a given family's unique characteristics (attributable to ethnicity) with family characteristics common to all groups in the United States. (PO 3)
6. Propose effective approaches for working with ethnic families in marriage and family therapy settings. (PO 3)

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