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MFT 669. Clinical Practicum

Credits: 4
Department: Counseling & Community Psychology
Description: Utilizing therapy skills, tools, and knowledge in actual therapeutic situations under supervision.
Prerequisites: MFT 621
Corequisites: MFT 626, MFT 659, MFT 668, MFT 671
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: S/U

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Develop paperwork skills necessary in clinical practice, including informed consent, psychosocial assessment, and progress notes. (SLO 3, SLO 5)
2. Demonstrate the ability to provide the core conditions of the facilitative relationship. (SLO 4)
3. Demonstrate competence and sensitivity to racial, ethnic, gender, and religious differences that may exist between therapist and client. (SLO 4)
4. Analyze and present how one's own family of origin and cultural background impacts their clinical skills. (PO 2)
5. Conceptualize clinical issues systemically. (PO 1)

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