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MFT 628. Child Development and Treatment

Credits: 3
Department: Counseling & Community Psychology
Description: Child development, etiology, classification, and treatment of child and adolescent psychological disorders.
Semester Offered: Summer
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate knowledge of child developmental issues. (SLO 1)
2. Integrate general developmental issues and apply them to each of the specific disorders covered in the course considering culture and ethnicity. (SLO 4)
3. Describe the etiologic and systemic factors for child disorders in general, as well as for each of the specific disorders. (PO 1)
4. Demonstrate knowledge of general diagnostic and assessment issues as they relate to diagnostic classification of each of the specific disorders considering culture and ethnicity. (SLO 5)
5. Demonstrate knowledge of general treatment issues and develop effective, empirically-based treatment plans for children including children from diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds who present with the specific disorders. (SLO 4)

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