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ANTH 447. Essentials of Forensic Anthropology

Credits: 3
Department: Anthropology
Description: Techniques for the location, recovery and laboratory analysis of human skeletal remains including sex, age, population affinity, stature, pathology and trauma.
Semester Offered: Odd Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Understand and know methods in forensic archaeology including the location and recovery of buried evidence, crime scene processing, and rules for handling forensic evidence.
2. Understand criteria for evaluating the forensic relevance of discovered remains.
3. Understand skeletal biology including the structure, composition, evolution, and function of the bones of the human skeleton.
4. Understand and know the bones of the human skeleton and those features relevant to bone identification and questions of personal identity and life history.
5. Understand and know how to identify human from non-human bones.
6. Understand and know methods of estimating age, sex, population affinity, stature, pathology, and trauma from human skeletal remains.

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