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BES in English Studies (36 credits)

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to interpret texts in relation to socio-historical contexts.?
  • Ability to write argument and exposition that is shaped appropriately for a particular purpose, audience, and situation.?
  • Critical thinking and analysis.? (see AAC&U VALUE rubric).
  • Ability to relate to works that embody behaviors, values, and perspectives unfamiliar to you.
  • Familiarity with a broad range of the literature in your field, both in terms of it diversity and its integrating traditions (the continuities that bring it together).
  • Awareness of genre: A) As a reader, you recognize how the form, type, or kind of text (poem, business letter, essay, drama, grant application) affects its meaning. ?B) As a writer, you can create a text in a form appropriate for its purpose.
  • Knowledge of methods, terms, and theories in your field.
  • Ability to interpret texts through sensitivity to vocabulary and language, tone, imagery, and point of view.

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