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ENGL 490. Portfolio-Seminar

Credits: 1-3
Department: English
Description: Capstone experience for English BA majors that integrates knowledge, skills, and concepts from their major program. May take the form of a seminar, portfolio, research project, or an advanced paper.
Prerequisites: ENGL 300 or ENGL 331 or ENGL 332 or ENGL 333
Semester Offered: DEMAND
Grading Method: Both

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Appropriately use literary skills and terminology learned throughout their academic career in written assignments and class discussions.
2. Formulate research questions and present the findings of their research in written and spoken discourse.
3. Situate texts in historical, literary, aesthetic, theoretical, social/political, ethical, and other contexts.
4. Lead classroom activities and discussions.
5. Construct an extended analytical/scholarly paper and/or presentation that uses methods appropriate to the subject and analyzes of secondary/critical sources.
6. Evaluate and revise their own work to compile a senior portfolio.
7. Demonstrate knowledge of skills in reading, writing, editing, speaking, and critical thinking in order to prepare for entering the professions.

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