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STEM 420. STEM and Information Media Field Experience

Credits: 1
Department: Mathematics
Description: Merging theory and practice for developing inclusive and responsive curriculum, instruction and assessment in STEM in the pre K-12 setting during an in-depth field experience. Active involvement in classrooms includes working with ESL, special education or other historically under-served students as well as incorporating information media into the classroom.
Prerequisites: Admission to major program and teacher education.
Corequisites: ED 431 and IM 422 and either MATH 431 or SCI 420
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: S/U

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze and observe the culture of the school and classroom.
2. Create safe, respectful, democratic cultures and learning communities in the classroom.
3. Apply communication and relationship-building strategies with students, peers, school employees, and parents/community members.
4. Implement inclusive and equitable curricula, assessment, and instruction based on diverse learner needs.
5. Apply technology standards to instructional activities in STEM and content area.
6. Develop and team teach interdisciplinary curriculum.
7. Apply STEM content to instructional activities in a content area.

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