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BIOL 468. Advanced Animal Cell Culture Techniques

Credits: 4
Department: Biology
Description: Advanced topics in techniques and theory of culture of animal cells in vitro. Applications to biomedical research and biotechnology. Establish, grow, maintain, preserve, and utilize animal cells. Completion of this course with a grade of "C" or better fulfills the upper division writing requirement for the BES Biology, General Biology, Biomedical Sciences, and Biotechnology progams.
Prerequisites: BIOL 362
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF
Lab: Lab

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Access and utilize primary scientific literature in the field of cell culture.
2. Identify the utility of common cell culture techniques in research and biotechnology fields.
3. Perform common cell culture techniques such as passaging cells, transfecting cells, and differentiating cells.
4. Write scientifically and present lab results in the format of the primary scientific literature in this field.
5. Design and perform an experiment to test an hypothesis using animal cell culture.
6. Evaluate the effectiveness of different cell culture methods.

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