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CSD 603. Language Disorders in Children

Credits: 3
Department: Communication Sciences & Disorders
Description: Assessment and remediation of language problems exhibited by pre-school and school-aged children.
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. List and describe significant milestones in preschool language development.
2. Describe the facilitative interdependence of cognition and language during development.
3. List and describe significant milestones of school-age language development and contrast these with preschool language development.
4. Compare and contrast the developmental/descriptive approach, systems approach, etiological-categorical approach, and the functionalist approach to understanding language disorders.
5. Ascertain classroom/vocational considerations when dealing with language and literacy disorders.
6. Analyze etiological and contributing factors of a language disorder through case studies.
7. Describe the systematic steps of assessing child language.
8. Conduct evidence-based, standardized and criterion-based assessment procedures on actual patients or case studies.
9. Plan evidence based remediation programs tailored to individual clients with a variety of diagnoses.
10. Conduct appropriate assessments and interventions for language differences vs. language disorders.

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