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MATH 070. Basic Mathematics Concepts

Credits: 3
Department: Mathematics
Description: An integrated review of basic algebraic and geometric concepts. Emphasis on problem solving, writing to explain methods and solutions, and collaborative learning. Course credits apply towards financial aid requirements and GPA (grade point average), but do not count towards graduation. Offered by the Math Skills Center.
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer
Grading Method: ABCDF
Additional Information: All students attempting to repeat this course, please contact the instructor directly. Multicultural Student Services Learning Community, Contact Martha Noyola @ 320-308-3976., All students attempting to repeat this course, please contact the instructor d

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Solve formulas for a specified variable and solve equations and applications involving linear, proportion and inequality problems.
2. Calculate perimeter, area and volume of basic and irregular geometric figures and generate lengths of corresponding sides on similar triangles.
3. Calculate conversions for the American and metric systems involving length, weight/mass, capacity, temperature and time.
4. Simplify algebraic expressions using the correct order of operations and perform algebraic operations on fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, percents, square roots, exponents and polynomials (factor, add, subtract, multiply and divide).
5. Graph linear equations and inequalities; determine slope and intercepts; and write linear equations when given slope and an ordered pair or two ordered pairs.
6. Solve quadratic equations and applications by factoring and the quadratic formula.

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