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SOC 582. Sociology and the Global Politics of Food

Credits: 3
Department: Sociology
Description: Examines the sociological and political dimensions of food. The processes of food production, distribution, and consumption and how these processes relate to structures of power and inequality.
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the social meanings and the structural relations of power regarding the production, distribution, preparation and consumption of food.
2. Develop a sociological understanding of the structure of a globalized, industrialized agriculture and food system and the impacts on farmers, consumers and communities.
3. Understand the organization of a global food system that links the production and consumption of food; particularly how it generates abundance for some and famine for others.
4. Acquire knowledge of current responses to social problems regarding food and agriculture.
5. Understand how sociological concepts, theories, methods, and findings can be applied to the study of food.
6. Gain an appreciation for the value of sociology and sociological perspectives in examining the world.
7. Gain an appreciation for the multiple ways in which sociology can be applied.

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