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ED 300. Teaching in Middle School and High School

Credits: 3
Department: Teacher Development
Description: Role of the teacher in middle level schools and high schools, teaching as a profession, standards for teaching and learning, basic lesson design, technology in education, structure of middle level and high schools, and schools as organizations. Includes a field experience in area schools.
Prerequisites: GPA of 2.5
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF
Additional Information: SECONDARY K-12 ED. Field Experience required outside of class time. Contact instructor by email providing student ID# for wait list when all sections are full. Course NOT recommended for Freshmen.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Contribute to building a community of learning in which they interact with their peers and the instructor, share their work and ideas, and begin to develop independently their own work ethos.
2. Develop the communication skills they require for effective classroom teaching, management, and leadership.
3. Reflect on their roles as more than just content area specialists and what that means in their professional, social, and civic responsibilities as future in-service teachers.
4. Develop the ability to think like an assessor incorporating in their planning for teaching formative, summative, and performative assessments; by means of which they will evaluate multidimensionally students' understanding of content. Expectations that federal, state, and local levels may have for them as in-service teachers.
5. Commit to meet the needs of and validate all learners; including students with language-based learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, and from linguistically and culturally non-majoritarian backgrounds.
6. Explain broadly how schools are organized, and how their operation influences teachers' work.
7. Critique the implications of inclusion and equity in educational opportunity as these influence teaching and learning.
8. Explain the effects of education policy making on education in the USA and the implications policy decisions at federal, state, and local levels may have for them as in-service teachers.

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