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STAT 304. SAS Programming

Credits: 3
Department: Statistics
Description: SAS statistical package; basic data manipulations and procedures; formatting, if-then-else, merge, arrays, do-loops, macros, functions, table look-up, custom reports.
Corequisites: A statistics course or consent of the instructor
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Identify and use the structures of a SAS program.
2. Write typical SAS programs made up of DATA and PROC steps.
3. Use the SAS programming environment and employ various tools therein for writing, and debugging SAS programs.
4. Produce, critically examine, and interpret output of a SAS program.
5. Manipulate raw data internally in SAS and manipulate raw data from external files into SAS to create SAS data sets.
6. Read data into SAS using various INFORMATS and INPUT styles.
7. Write SAS variables using various FORMATS.
8. Manipulate (i.e. subset) SAS data sets at different stages using various programming tools such as logical expressions in the DATA step.
9. Manipulate data properly in the DATA STEP which includes DATA manipulations using SAS functions and the DROP or KEEP options.
10. Identify proper overall syntactic calls for various SAS procedures as well as options and ancillary statements within their syntaxes.

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