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IA 658. Best Practices in Data Management

Credits: 3
Department: Information Systems
Description: Best practices for managing and manipulating data for analytical purposes. Review and application of different file structures, using database and data-mart structures to optimize access and security. Data management in a Cloud Computing environment, and importing data into business intelligence tools.
Prerequisites: IS 251 or equivalent
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF
Lab: Lab
Permissions: Permission of instructor
Additional Information: Familiarity with spreadsheet software such as Excel.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Apply the comprehensive model of information security.
2. Evaluate a comprehensive data storage policy within a cloud.
3. Devise a comprehensive security policy for a cloud.
4. Evaluate data structures and apply to data conversion problems.
5. Develop a layered data strategy and be able to identify files that have been tampered with.
6. Tune the data store strategy to the underlying hardware layer.
7. Analyze and apply the advantages of storing data in a database.
8. Analyze and apply the advantages of storing data in a data-mart.
9. Be able to transfer data into a variety of BI tools.
10. Devise a contingency/disaster data recovery plan for a cloud.

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