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ED 458. Literacy for L-2 Learners

Credits: 3
Department: Teacher Development
Description: Socio-psycholinguistic process of second-language literacy learning. Speech and print relationships, literacy emergence, strategies for reading/writing development and integration of language and literacy across the curriculum, K-12.
Semester Offered: Summer
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Articulate and incorporate reveling concepts of second language literacy.
2. Understand foundational theories related to practice and materials used in the classroom.
3. Demonstrate the ability to develop and implement effective vocabulary strategies that help students understand words including domain-specific content words.
4. Communicate an understanding of and demonstrate the ability to accommodate the literacy/learning needs of readers of varying proficiency and developmental levels and linguistic backgrounds.
5. Demonstrate selection and implementation of a wide variety of before, during, and after reading comprehension strategies that develop reading and metacognitive abilities.
6. Demonstrate appropriate applications of a wide variety of instructional strategies that promote student comprehension in understanding text, content materials, lectures, and demonstrations.

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