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NURS 306. Nursing Care of Older Adults

Credits: 2
Department: Nursing Science
Description: Care of older adults across multiple environments. Psychosocial, spiritual, and biophysical changes of aging, quality of life, human dignity, and autonomy issues.
Prerequisites: NURS 301, NURS 303, NURS 304, NURS 316, and NURS 302 or NURS 320
Corequisites: NURS 307
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Assess developmental, biological, genetic, psychological, social and cultural factors on the functional health behaviors and patterns of older adults.
2. Develop knowledge, skills, and sensitivity related to history taking, interviewing, and therapeutic communication with older adults in various stages of health and harmony.
3. Identify and utilize evidence-based interventions to assist older adults to cope and restore harmony resulting from psychological, physical, social, cultural, and spiritual imbalance.
4. Demonstrate skill in the use of patient care technologies, including electronic health records, community and electronic resources on aging, as part of the provision of safe and ethical nursing care to older adults.
5. Examine current and emerging health care policies, including financial and regulatory, which influence delivery of health care to older adults.
6. Analyze the benefits of a collaborative interdisciplinary care team working with older adults in providing safe, quality care in different care environments and living arrangements.
7. Integrate professional nursing knowledge about health promotion, risk reduction, disease prevention, and illness management for older adults, including ethnic elders who are at higher risk for health disparities.
8. Analyze actual or potential ethical issues related to quality of life for older adults such as: autonomy, human dignity, restraint use, and vulnerabilities for abuse and maltreatment, and advocate for safe, fair, and ethical healthcare for older adults.

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