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BS in Management - Operations Management Concentration (79 credits)

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Our students will be effective written and oral communicators. Students will communicate a business idea using appropriate organization, expression, and mechanics; write competently in their disciplines (assessed in required major courses); and make an effective business presentation.
  • Our students will be competent problem solvers. Students will prepare and defend an effective solution to a business case or problem.
  • Our students will be effective collaborators. Students will effectively contribute to the completion of group tasks; responsibly fulfill their role(s) in the group; and cooperate with and value the viewpoints of other group members.
  • Our students will be competent in the business core. Students will demonstrate understanding of and apply core disciplinary concepts in business; recognize ethical problems and present defensible ethical solutions; and apply global perspectives to business situations.
  • Our students will be competent in their respective disciplines/majors. Objectives for this goal are different for each major. Management majors will describe the roles of managers; demonstrate knowledge of motivation theories and leadership theories; identify and define human resource activities and their role in organizations; understand the structure, processes, and outcomes of organizations; and compare and contrast management practices across cultures and countries.

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