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A St. Cloud State education is earned by exploring opportunities, applying knowledge to real-world problems, engaging in your community and being challenged by new ideas and perspectives.

Use our catalog to organize your pursuit of a St. Cloud State bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.

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Important Changes to Note

Much of the programmatic information and policies that used to be found within the University Catalog have been migrated to other websites. (See campus resources below.)

  • Academic policies are now all available from one central Policies Web site.
  • Program information outside of academic requirements will now be found on the individual undergraduate or graduate program site.

Campus Resources

The following resources are available to assist you as you plan your course of study. (These links will open in a new window.)

About St. Cloud State
Academic Policies
Academic Calendar

Financial Aid
Graduate Admissions

Offices & Services
Academic Offices and Services
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The contents in this catalog and other university publications, policies, fees, bulletins or announcements are subject to change without notice and do not constitute an irrevocable contract between any student and St. Cloud State University.