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HTSM 515. Ethics in Hospitality and Tourism

Credits: View Details
Description: Analysis of trends in Hospitality and Tourism toward ethical and sustainable management practices, including the formation and implementation of policy within the framework of ethical theory.
Semester Offered:

HTSM 525. Methods in Hospitality and Tourism Research

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Foundations of research, research design, hypothesis testing, analysis of findings, reporting and ethical issues in Hospitality and Tourism.
Prerequisites: Completion of HTSM 111 with a "C" grade or better.
Semester Offered: Fall

HTSM 595. Temporary Workshop

Credits: 1-3 View Details
Description: Area limited and specific subjects selected before workshop is announced. These workshops are intended to support established degree programs and may be included on a student's approved program within the workshop limitations established for each program option.
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Summer

HTSM 596. Tourism and the Environment

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Tourism and its relationship to the physical and cultural character of place. Sustainable development, particularly when expressed as eco-tourism.
Semester Offered: DEMAND

HTSM 597. Tourism Policy and Planning

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Advanced planning principles and policy formulation frameworks/strategies applicable to tourism development at different scales--site, destination and regional. Case studies of applied tourism planning and policies in different countries.
Prerequisites: GEOG 290 or HTSM 111
Semester Offered: Spring

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