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Geography and Planning

Chairperson: Randal Baker
Address: 359 Stewart Hall
Phone: 320.308.3160

Minor in British Studies (20 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • GPA: 2.50


  • With prior approval, participation in a short-term 3-credit education abroad program to the UK may substitute for BRIT 201, or a 6-credit program may substitute for BRIT 201 plus BRIT 250 or HIST 336.
  • Alternatively, required courses may be substituted with appropriate courses taken at UK universities with prior approval.
  • GEOG 384 can be counted as either a required course or an elective, not both.

Program Requirements

Required (9 credits): BRIT 201, BRIT 250 or GEOG 384; HIST 336 (or HIST 483 with approval). 


Electives (11 credits) from ENGL 321, ENGL 322, ENGL 323, ENGL 325, ENGL 326, ENGL 327, ENGL 328, ENGL 423, ENGL 424, ENGL 465 (no more than two ENGL courses may be counted); GEOG 374; GEOG 384; HIST 136; HIST 337; PHIL 252; POL 331; or other courses with approval of the British Studies Minor Advisor.

Minor in British Studies BES Minor (20-22 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

Program Requirements

BRIT 101, BRIT 201; BRIT 250 or GEOG 384; HIST 235 or HIST 335 (or HIST 483 with approval)


12 credits approved by British Studies Advisor

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