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Co-Chairpersons: Judy Dorn, John Madden
126 Webster Hall
Phone: 320.308.3061

Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language (24 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • A GPA of 2.5 is required for enrollment in an English major.
  • Prerequisites include: ENGL 361, Introduction to Linguistics.

Admission To Teacher Education

Admission Criteria: See here. Professional Education Sequence for Pre K-12 and 5-12 Licensure: ED 300; CEEP 262, CEEP 361; IM 422; HURL 497; ENGL 460 or ED 460; SPED 203; ED 421 and ED 431(co-requisites); ED 466 or ED 467. Admission to Teacher Education and a passing score on the MTLE Basic skills tests is required for placement in student teaching.


  • This minor can be taken by itself, or it can be taken for ESL licensure if taken with an appropriate education block, including practice teaching.
  • Students may both major and minor in English if the major and minor are in different areas of concentration and if they double-count a maximum of 6 credits between both programs.
  • ESL Licensure is a K-12 teaching licensure, including completion of the secondary education block, a foreign language requirement: one year of college (8 credits) or two years of high school or some combination of both or the equivalent.

Program Requirements

Core: ENGL 461, ENGL 462, ENGL 464, ENGL 466, ENGL 468. Select one: ENGL 463, ED 457.


Select two: ENGL 465, ENGL 467, ENGL 469, ENGL 473; ED 457, ED 458. One of the following: SPAN 450, FREN 450, GER 450.

Certificate in TESOL (9-10 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • GPA: 2.75
  • Admission to any undergraduate program at SCSU.
  • Interview with TESL Director

Program Requirements

ENGL 461, ENGL 478


ENGL 361 or ENGL 463

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