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Certificate in Histotechnician (18 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • GPA: 2.5
  • Permission of certificate advisor. Admission takes place at the time of placement for clinical experience.
  • Placement for clinical rotation requires completion or near completion of an associate's or bachelor's degree, including college level coursework in general biology (BIOL 151), anatomy and physiology, math, and chemistry.


  • Current undergraduate students should contact the certificate advisor at least two semesters prior to graduation to assess preparedness for clinical rotation experience. Prospective students who have already completed a degree should contact the certificate advisor as soon as is possible.
  • This certificate is not restricted to specific majors; however, current SCSU students working on this certificate are most often majors in Biomedical Science, Medical Laboratory Science, or Life Sciences. The certificate is open to graduates of other colleges and universities assuming appropriate science background.
  • BIOL 444 is the clinical rotation experience for the certificate. Students must be individually placed for clinical rotation experience by permission of the certificate advisor. Students will be awarded the Histotechnician certificate upon completion of BIOL 444 (the clinical rotation).
  • Students are eligible to sit for the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Registry national certification examination. Passing this exam is not a requirement for obtaining the Histotechnician certificate; however, passing the certification exam is generally necessary to maintain employment in the field.

Program Requirements

18 credits: BIOL 364, BIOL 483, 12 credits total of BIOL 444.

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