University Catalog


Academic and Behavioral Strategist (Certificate)

Addictions Specialist (Certificate)     

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABAI) (MS)     

Applied Clinical Research (MS)

Applied Economics (MS) 

Applied Statistics (MS)  (Not accepting applications) 

Autism Spectrum Disorders (Certificate)   

Autism (Certificate)    


Biological Sciences (MA and MS)


Cell and Molecular Biological Sciences (MA and MS)     

Chemical Dependency Specialist (Cetificate) 

Child and Family Studies (MS)

Child and Family Studies (Certificate)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS)

College Counseling and Student Development (MS) 

Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAA) (MS)

Community Education Director (Certificate)

Computer Science (MS)

Counseling Psychology (MS)

CPA Exam Education Eligibility (Certificate)

Criminal Justice Studies (MS)

Cultural Resources Management Archaeology (MS)     

Curriculum and Instruction (MS)    


Data Analytics (Certificate)

Design for E-Learning (Certificate)     

Developmental Disabilities (Certificate) 

Driver Education (Graduate Track leading to Licensure)  


Early Childhood Special Education (MS, Certificate)     

Ecology and Natural Resources (MA and MS)    

Economics (MS)

Economics Five Year Track (MS)     

Educational Administration and Leadership (MS and EdD)

Educational Administration and Leadership:  Sixth-Year Certificate (Specialist and Graduate track leading to Licensure)

Electrical Engineering (MS)

Emotional Behavioral Disorders (Certificate)     

English (MA, MS and Graduate track leading to Licensure)

Executive Leadership (MS)     

Executive Masters in Engineering Management

Exercise Science (MS)   


Family Studies (MS)    


Geography - Geographic Information Science (MS and Certificate)

Geography - Land Surveying Mapping Sciences

Geography - Tourism Planning and Development (MS)

Gerontology (MS and Certificate)


Higher Education Administration (MS, Ed.D. and Certificate)

History (MA and MS)


Information Assurance (MS)

Information Media (MS)

Information Media (Certificate/Graduate tracks leading to Licensure)

Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MS)


Kinesiology (MS)


Learning Disabilities (Certificate)

Library Media (MS)

Library Media Specialist (Certificate/Graduate tracks leading to Licensure)


Marriage and Family Therapy (COAMFTE) (MS and Certificate)

Mass Communications (MS)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Master of Social Work Foundation (MSW)

Material Science and Instrumentation (MS)

Medical Technology Quality (MS)

Minnesota Teaching Licensure (Driver Education) (Graduate tracks leading to Licensure)


Parent Education (Certificate)

Parent Education (Graduate Tracks leading to Licensure)    

Public Safety Executive Leadership (MS)


Reading Teacher K-12 (Certificate)     

Regulatory Affairs and Services (MS)

Rehabilitation Counseling (MS)     

Rhetoric & Writing (MA)    


School Counseling (MS) 

School Counseling (Certificate)   

Social Responsibility (MS)

Social Work  (CSWE) (MSW)

Special Education (MS)

Special Education (Certificate)

Special Studies (MA and MS)

Sports Management (MS)     


Teacher Development (Certificate)

Teacher Education (MS)

Teacher Education (MS History)

Teaching English as a Second Language (MA and Graduate tracks leading to Licensure)

Technology Education (MS)

Technology Integration (MS)

Tourism Planning and Development (MS)

Traffic Safety Education (Certificate/Graduate tracks leading to Licensure)

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