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SW 444. Internship in Social Work

Credits: 12
Department: Social Work
Description: Extensive educationally directed social work field placement an in approved social agency. Arranged with the internship instructor one semester prior to the actual placement.
Prerequisites: Completion of pre-professional core and admission to the social work major, SW 216, SW 330, SW 340, SW 345, SW 350, SW 360, SW 410, SW 411, SW 412, SW 443
Corequisites: SW 445
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
Grading Method: S/U

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Effectively problem solve ambiguous practice situations.
2. Apply ethical reasoning as determined by the NASW and unitize in practice settings.
3. Effectively communicate and negotiate with a practice setting supervisor and staff.
4. Analyze, apply, and evaluate intervention strategies in practice settings.
5. Evaluate practice empirically and use data for further growth.

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