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PSY 429. History/Systems of Psychology

Credits: 3
Department: Psychology
Description: The origin and development of current ideas in psychology.
Prerequisites: PSY 115, PSY 119, PSY 200, PSY 201, PSY 202, PSY 380
Semester Offered: Even Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF
Permissions: Permission of department
Other Permission: Requires an approved senior capstone application

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Evaluate philosophies of science (e.g., Popper, Kuhn, Foucault) applicable to the field of psychology.
2. Describe early historical trends related to the development of the field of psychology (e.g. the philosophy of the Ancient Greeks).
3. Compare and contrast systems and paradigms in the history of psychology (e.g., gestalt psychology, behaviorism).
4. Critically analyze and synthesize information related to a topic/person in the history of psychology.

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