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SCI 540. Seminar in Science Teaching

Credits: 1-6
Department: Science Education
Description: A companion to field experiences student teaching. Reflections and application of science teaching strategies. Repeatable up to 6 credits.
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Develop and deliver appropriate curricula and materials for teaching secondary school science during their student teaching experience.
2. Summarize and appraise the use of appropriate safety requirements for teaching secondary school science as used in their teaching placement.
3. Evaluate and reflect on the use of appropriate teaching strategies used during their student teaching experience.
4. Research and design a plan for professional development experiences for their first years of teaching.
5. Prepare a Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) portfolio based on a 5 day unit plan, as described by the State of Minnesota.

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