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POL 291. Pre-Law Studies

Credits: 2
Department: Political Science
Description: American legal system for students considering a law-based course of study or career. Can be taken P/F or for grade.
Semester Offered: DEMAND
Grading Method: S/U

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Describe the U.S. federal and Minnesota state court systems; explain their differences; and identify various types of specialty courts.
2. State the difference between civil law and criminal law and explain the underlying philosophical justifications for each; state the difference between common law and statutory law and explain the underlying philosophical justifications for each.
3. Describe the general content of the following areas of the law: torts, contracts, property, criminal law, family law, trusts and estates, and consumer law.
4. Identify the various participants in the legal system and explain the role played by each of the following: judges, attorneys, specialized actors, and advocacy groups.
5. Identify the difference between private and public law practice and various legal careers.
6. Explain how American attorneys are educated and trained in the historical and modern eras.
7. Identify the personal, academic, and professional characteristics that make for successful legal practitioners.
8. State the personal, practical, and policy challenges faced by individuals (and particularly those within certain diversity categories) who pursue legal careers.
9. Assess their interest in additional study in law-related courses and their suitability to undertake law-related careers.

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