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MKTG 425. Seminar in Sales Management

Credits: 3
Department: Marketing
Description: Activities involved in managing a sales force; sales manager's decision-making with respect to formulation, implementation, and evaluation of sales programs; case emphasis.
Prerequisites: MKTG 220
Corequisites: MKTG 415
Semester Offered: DEMAND
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the current relevance, roles, and objectives of sales force management.
2. Identify, analyze, interpret information, and make primary decisions related to sales program formulation + sales force size, quota development, territory design, sales force size and sales force composition.
3. Identify variables that influence sales force performance and interpret facts provided to determine elementary reasons for sales performance levels.
4. Define variables that influence sales force motivation and evaluate facts provided to discern basic reasons for sales force motivation levels.
5. Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of processes and issues involved in (a) recruitment, selection, and training of salespeople, and (b) development of sales force compensation plans.
6. Evaluate available information and make essential decisions regarding (a) training needs of salespeople, and (b) sales force compensation plans.
7. Demonstrate knowledge of, and apply sales related information in a rudimentary evaluation of sales force performance.
8. Demonstrate knowledge of, and apply sales related information in an elementary evaluation of sales force profitability.

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