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MS in Marriage and Family Therapy (52-58 credits)

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Graduating students and alumni will demonstrate competent clinical skills from a systemic, theoretical, and research based foundation.
  • Students and alumni will demonstrate empathic and respectful interpersonal skills when working with families and individuals from all backgrounds, including cross-cultural.
  • Graduating students will demonstrate the ability to be reflective and ethical in their clinical practice, including recognizing their own biases that may be an extension of their family of origin and cultural heritage.
  • Students and alumni will skillfully assess and evaluate individuals and families of diverse backgrounds in order to build relevant treatment plans.
  • Students and graduates will be able to communicate effectively through oral and written academic work and clinical paperwork.
  • Students will comprehend and demonstrate knowledge of human diversity including an appreciation of diversity of family types, ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation, and SES.

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