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Political Science

Chairperson:  Jim Cottrill
Webster Hall 328
Phone: 320.308.2162

BA in International Relations (40 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • The student must submit a transcript or course summary.
  • A student must have completed POL 101, POL 111, and POL 251 with a "C-" or better in each course in order to be admitted into the major.


  • Lower division courses are offered each semester.
  • Required upper division courses are offered annually.
  • Elective courses are offered only in alternate years.
  • All course work must receive at least a "C-" to count towards the major.
  • See the Department of Political Science for instructions on the application process.

Program Requirements

12 credits: POL 101, POL 111, POL 201, POL 251. 15 credits: POL 337, POL 353, POL 354, POL 355, POL 454.


Select 6 credits: POL 351, POL 451, POL 452, POL 453, POL 456, POL 457.

Students fulfill the University's Upper Division Writing Requirement by successfully completing the senior project course POL 420. The requirement is met by completing a portfolio of work, a single written paper or through multiple papers with a grade of

Minor in International Relations (21 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • Students must take POL 101 and POL 251 before being admitted to the minor.

Program Requirements

6 credits: POL 101, POL 251. Required Upper Level International Relations (3 credits): POL 354 or POL 454.  9 credits: POL 337, POL 353, POL 355.


Select 3 credits: POL 331, POL 332, POL 333, POL 334, POL 355, POL 336, POL 338, POL 339, POL 434, POL 436.

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