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GENG 380. Engineering Communication

Department: Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Description: Planning, preparation, and critiquing typical engineering communication formats including reports, presentations, letters, memos, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, budgets, manuals, and schedules. Application of software to planning, analysis, and engineering communications.
Prerequisites: ENGL 190 or ENGL 191 or ENGL 291
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Write professional project proposals with integrated project schedules, budgets, drawings, and equations.
2. Produce, deliver, and critique professional written and oral engineering reports.
3. Effectively merge various engineering software outputs into engineering communications.
4. Write professional meeting agendas, meeting minutes, memos, letters, and instruction manuals.
5. Apply professional ethical standards to engineering communication.

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