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GER 341. Cultural History

Credits: 3
Department: German
Description: Introductory studies in the history, culture, geography and civilization of German-speaking countries.
Prerequisites: GER 302
Corequisites: GER 301
Semester Offered:
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Apply knowledge of intercultural competence in experiential-learning situations.
2. Analyze the relationship between culture and language use.
3. Interpret cultural artifacts, behaviors, products and values as they represent German-speaking culture/s.
4. Identify and describe the similarities and differences of common traits between their own and the target culture.
5. Investigate, evaluate, and apply sources of information in research on target culture.
6. Articulate differences and similarities between target language cultures and cultures in the United States.
7. Know about cultural stereotyping and how to address it as a result of developing skills inprocessing information which include observing, comparing, and inquiring about cultural phenomena; analyzing and hypothesizing about the phenomena, and synthesizing and determining their generalizability
8. Have opportunities for first-hand experience with the target cultures, whether in the United States or abroad, and relate those experiences to the classroom setting.

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