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CMST 452. Teaching Communication Studies

Credits: 3
Department: Communication Studies
Description: Materials and methods for curricular and co-curricular teaching in the secondary schools. Course is designed for students completing the Communication Arts and Literature teaching major.
Prerequisites: 12 credits of CMST beyond 192
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Explain the primary focus of curriculum standards at the state and national level.
2. Create a teaching unit on a communication topic complete with lesson plans and communication activities, demonstrating an understanding of the basic components of a lesson plan.
3. Identify and select professional resources useful to the teacher of communication, i.e., journals, websites, curriculum guides, NCA publications, professional associations, etc.
4. Describe student-centered and teacher-centered instructional strategies, demonstrating how each function in the communication classroom.
5. Demonstrate an understanding of how to assess and report student achievement in the communication classroom.
6. Explain strategies for maintaining and enhancing professional expertise, i.e., national and state professional organization membership, post-graduate programs, and research activity, etc.
7. Create lesson plans to address the needs of diverse learners by reflecting sensitivity to gender, racial, ethnic, and other forms of discrimination.

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