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LC 553. Teaching a Foreign Language in the Secondary School

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Methodologies for teaching another language. Professional development through writing of lesson and unit plans, mini-teaching demonstrations by students, and assessment of 5 modalities. Must be taken before French, German or Spanish 454-554.
Prerequisites: ENGL 361, CEEP 262 (or equivalent Tchr Dev semester course), and previous or concurrent enrollment in Spanish, French, or German 451 and 452, and admission to BS foreign language major/minor.
Semester Offered: Fall

LC 555. Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages in the Elementary Schools

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Language acquisition theory, developmental considerations, curriculum development, and instructional strategies for second language learning by children. Must be taken before French, German or Spanish 456/556.
Prerequisites: Foreign language or elementary school teaching license or permission.
Semester Offered: Spring

LC 561. Teaching a Second Language: Theory and Methods

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Emphasis on the variety of methods used in teaching a second or foreign language with special attention to oral skills.
Semester Offered: DEMAND

LC 562. Second Language Teaching Methods: Reading and Writing

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Application of second language acquisition theory and methods to the teaching of reading and composition
Semester Offered: DEMAND

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