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ENGR 332. Electronics

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: DC and AC circuit theorems and analysis, operational ampfliers, rectifiers, power supplies, semiconductors, diodes, and transistors.
Prerequisites: PHYS 235
Semester Offered: Fall

ENGR 335. Digital Electronic Measurements

Credits: 2 View Details
Description: Combined use of tranducers and microprocessors to make physical measurements.
Prerequisites: ENGR 332, MATH 222
Semester Offered: DEMAND

ENGR 425. Optical Communication

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Principles of optical fiber communication systems, including optical properties of fibers, sources and detectors for communication systems, and network system design.
Prerequisites: ECE 311, ECE 312, ENGR 332
Semester Offered: Spring

ENGR 444. Internship

Credits: 1-16 View Details
Description: Internships are offered at the discretion of departments. Course number and number of credits are determined by the departments. Contact departmental offices for further information. 16 credits maximum in any one program.
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer

ENGR 447. Optical Design

Credits: 3 View Details
Description: Computer-aided design of optical systems, aberration theory, optical materials, optical systems, tolerancing for manufacture.
Prerequisites: PHYS 333
Semester Offered: Even Fall

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