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Radiologic Technology

Director: Steven Ratliff
Address: 145 Robert H.Wick Science Building
Phone: 320.308.2192

BS in Radiologic Technology (88 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • GPA: 2.0 (overall and in major courses)
  • Completion of 15 credits or more, including MATH 112 and PHYS 231, 12 credits or more in residence at SCSU, and approval of the Radiologic Technology program director.


  • All courses except for RADT 375, RADT 475, PHYS 354, PHYS 454 and PHYS 309 must be completed prior to beginning the clinical phase.
  • Admission to the major does not guarantee admission to a required clinical program.
  • Because of required coursework in mathematics and science, students graduating with a major in Radiologic Technology are considered as having satisfied the liberal education requirement in mathematics and natural/physical science.

Program Requirements

Pre-Clinical Core (25 credits): BIOL 202, BIOL 204, BIOL 266, CHEM 210, PHYS 231, PHYS 232, MATH 112 (or higher level algebra or calculus course).  MATH 193 and MATH 196 are not acceptable. Clinical Education: 56 credits. RADT 375 (14 credits), RADT 475 (14 credits), PHYS 354 (14 credits), PHYS 454 (14 credits). Professional Core (7 credits): PHYS 308, PHYS 309, PHYS 408.

Students fulfill the University's Upper Division Writing Requirement by successfully completing an approved writing project in PHYS 309 with a grade of C- or better.

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