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Nuclear Medicine Technology

Director:  Steven Ratliff
Address:  145 Robert H. Wick Science Building

BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology (85 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • GPA: 2.50 overall
  • Completion of 24 credits or more, including BIOL 151 and CHEM 210, 8 credits or more in residence at SCSU.


  • U.S. citizenship is required for all students in this major.
  • Admission to the major does not guarantee admission to a required clinical program.
  • Students may apply to the major program when their completed credits equal or exceed 24 credits, including BIOL 151 and CHEM 210 with an overall grade point average of 2.5 or higher. At least eight credits must have been earned in residence at SCSU.
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology students are not required to take BIOL 152-Organismal Diversity as a prerequisite to BIOL 262-Genetics.
  • Because of required coursework in mathematics and science, students graduating with a major in Nuclear Medicine Technology satisfy the liberal education requirement in mathematics and natural/physical science.

Program Requirements

BIOL 151, BIOL 202, BIOL 204, BIOL 266. CHEM 210, CHEM 211, CHEM 240, CHEM 350, CHEM 452. PHYS 231, PHYS 232, PHYS 408; MATH 112. NMDT 499 (1 credit); STAT 239.  Clinical Phase Requirements. NMDT 401, NMDT 403, NMDT 405, NMDT 407, NMDT 409, NMDT 411, NMDT 412, NMDT 413, NMDT 415, NMDT 417, NMDT 419, NMDT 421, NMDT 423, NMDT 427.

Students fulfill the University's Upper Division Writing Requirement by successfully completing an approved writing project in NMDT 499 with a grade of C- or better.

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