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Chair: Debra Gold
Address: 262 Stewart Hall
Faculty: Anthropology

MS in Cultural Resources Management Archaeology (36 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • GPA: 2.75
  • The GRE is required but may be waived. See program website for waiver information.
  • Submission of a resume is required. See program website for what should be on the resume.


  • Distance learning applicants should refer to program website for additional admission requirements.
  • Comprehensive exam is required for Plan C
  • See program webpage for a list of electives.
  • Anyone interested is encouraged to apply, however, individuals with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, archaeology, heritage preservation, human geography, or history will be best prepared; all other majors please contact the program director.


Option(s): Thesis
Credits: 36
Core: 24 credits: ANTH 532 or ANTH 533ANTH 630ANTH 631ANTH 632ANTH 640 or ANTH 650, ANTH 652, and 6 credits of ANTH 644.
Electives: 6 credits from: ANTH 531ANTH 547ANTH 550, ANTH 563, ANTH 592; ANTH 640ANTH 650;  ANTH 660, ACCT 591CEEP 678, GEOG 516, GEOG 572, HIST 672, HIST 673, 3 credits of STAT 501
Research: 6 credits ANTH 699


Option(s): Portfolio/Project
Credits: 36
Core: 27 credits: ANTH 532 or ANTH 533,  ANTH 630ANTH 631,  ANTH 632,  ANTH 640 or ANTH 650,  ANTH 652, and 9 credits of ANTH 644
Electives: 9 credits:  ANTH 531,  ANTH 547ANTH 550ANTH 563, up to 6 credits of ANTH 592ANTH 640, ANTH 650ANTH 660ACCT 591CEEP 678, GEOG 516GEOG 572HIST 672, HIST 673, 3 credits of STAT 501
Research: See program webpage for description of culminating project requirements for the Plan C portfolio.

Certificate in Cultural Resources Management (18 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • GPA: 2.5
  • Students entering the certificate program without an undergraduate degree in anthropology should see the department website for admission requirements.

Program Requirements

(12 Credits) ANTH 630, ANTH 631, ANTH 640, ANTH 650.


6 Credits from: ANTH 530, ANTH 531, ANTH 532, ANTH 533, ANTH 547, ANTH 550, ANTH 563, ANTH 588, ANTH 592, ANTH 600, or ANTH 632

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