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ETS 471. MfgET Capstone Project II

Credits: 3
Department: Environmental & Technological Studies
Description: Completion of design project under faculty supervision. Emphasis is on project management, teamwork, and technical design factors. Written report and oral presentation of completed project.
Prerequisites: ETS 470
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF
Lab: Lab
Additional Information: An F in this course will cause the grade for ETS 470 to be changed to F.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Synthesize program content to complete a technical project.
2. Use project management tools to complete an extended project.
3. Apply teamwork skills.
4. Effectively communicate the results of an extended technical project both orally and in written form.
5. Identify additional skills and information needed and how to obtain them.
6. Consistently interact in a professional manner.

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