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ENGL 675. Multilingual Writing

Credits: 3
Department: English
Description: Theoretical foundations and pedagogical practices of multilingual writing (not limited to English) as it pertains to the teaching and learning of writing for academic purposes. Explores issues of teaching and learning to write in an additional language, particularly students with a SLIFE (Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education) background.
Semester Offered: Even Spring
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Identify, select, design, and prepare communicative instruction in the area of multilingual writing, not restricted to English as an additional language.
2. Articulate and critique the major theories related to first language writing and multilingual writing.
3. Describe and critique the practices of grammar instruction and corrective feedback in multilingual writing contexts.
4. Articulate and evaluate the sources of and cultural reasons for the occurrence of violations of academic integrity, specifically plagiarism.
5. Conduct graduate level research on topics relating to multilingual writing.

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