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IM 620. The Library Media Program

Credits: 3
Department: Information Media
Description: Foundations of K-12 library media programs. State and national standards, licensure requirements, roles and responsibilities of library media specialists, strategies for collaborating with teachers to integrate library media and technology skills into the curriculum, and examination of current issues and trends.
Semester Offered: Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF
Additional Information: Class meets synchronously online.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Apply state and national laws, standards, and competencies to K-12 library media programs.
2. Incorporate current research to identify characteristics of excellent library media programs.
3. Analyze the importance of written policies, objectives, and plans for library media programs.
4. Analyze the role of library media programs in relationship to the school, the district and the community.
5. Examine the impact of library media programs to curriculum design and development, learning theory, and instructional technologies.
6. Develop leadership characteristics of library media specialists including program management skills, budgeting, and personnel management.
7. Develop advocacy strategies to assist teachers, school administrators and community members to increase awareness of the value of a strong library media program led by a licensed library media specialist and promote collaboration among the library media specialist, technology integrationists, and classroom teachers.
8. Assess the values and philosophies of library media specialists and related professional organizations.
9. Examine and model digital citizenship, including ethical practices of library media programs, for students, teachers, and administrators.

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