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ED 466. Student Teaching for 5-12 Licensure

Credits: 3-12
Department: Teacher Development
Description: Supervised teaching for students with majors in Communication Arts and Literature, Health, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies and Technology leading to 5-12 licensure.
Prerequisites: ED 421 and 2.75 GPA
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
Grading Method: S/U

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Design and implement lesson that promote student engagement and learning and meet appropriate state and local standards within the content areas being taught.
2. Implement classroom management and organization strategies that promote responsibility, self-discipline, independence, collaboration and a healthy classroom community.
3. Utilize various assessment and evaluation tools to assess and monitor the learning of individual students and of the class as a whole.
4. Collaborate with other professionals and implement co-teaching strategies as appropriate to better meet the needs of all students.
5. Modify teaching strategies to better meet the needs of individual children particularly English Language Learners and students with other Special Needs.
6. Demonstrate professional characteristics including punctuality, confidentiality, flexibility, cooperation, enthusiasm, and responsibility.
7. Communicate clearly and effectively with students, parents and other professionals both orally and in writing.

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