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HURL 497. Human Relations for Teachers I (Diversity)

Credits: 3
Department: Human Relations & Multicultural Education
Description: Analysis of individual and institutional racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression in the school environment. A social reconstructionist model of education.
Corequisites: HURL 498
Semester Offered:
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer
Grading Method: ABCDF
Additional Information: HURL 498/598 Section 05 will begin January 30, 2012 and End April 10, 2013. , Majors must take same sec num of 498

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze current political, social and educational policy as it pertains to the Dominant/Subordinate dynamics associated with systems of oppression and utilize a critical multicultural/social justice educational framework to more accurately understand the norms and customs of various cultural groups in the United States.
2. "Analyze curriculum for historical inaccuracies and the presence of a dominant ""hidden curriculum"" within a critical multicultural/social justice framework. "
3. Explain how systems of oppression work and are interconnected, specific to education and schools.
4. Develop individual, community and societal plans of action to address and create change around these complex social problems.
5. Analyze their lives for a) consumption and the relationship to U.S. consumption, global consumption and climate change, b) their cultural and racial identities, c) gender socialization, d) sexism in their lives and explore how these issues impact their work, social, family and educational lives.
6. Apply alternative theoretical approaches to the topics in class from a wide range of perspectives and in as complex of a manner as possible.

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