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CMST 410. Contemporary Issues in Performance Studies

Credits: 3
Department: Communication Studies
Description: Variable content stressing methods, theories, and subjects in contemporary performance studies, such as performance criticism, performance and gender, performance art, performance and culture, performance of selected literary genres. Specific topics to be announced. May be repeated.
Semester Offered: Spring
Grading Method:
Lab: Lab

Student Learning Outcomes

1. To compare cultural perspectives and communication patterns of individuals from the United States to those of other world regions, such as Asia, Africa, Latin America, or Europe, and the impact of these perspectives on intercultural communication.
2. To identify guidelines for appropriate verbal and nonverbal interaction in various contexts (work, family, educational institutions) with individuals from specific world regions, such as Asia, Africa, Latin America or Europe.
3. To explain the important role of religion in particular world cultures under study, and to identify potential religion-based complications in intercultural communication.
4. To compare/contrast characteristics of a competent communicator in the U.S. and other world regions such as: Asia, Africa, or Western Europe.
5. To apply communication principles in novel interaction situation using case studies, critical incidents, and simulations.

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