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MS in Instructional Technology (32-36 credits)

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Candidates apply appropriate research methods and findings in professional practice: the candidates understand, apply, and integrate research into teaching and learning and uses various resources available to inform best practice and add to the professional knowledge base.
  • Candidates will identify and resolve ethical and legal implications of design in the work place.
  • Candidates will demonstrate the ability to conduct analysis before planning a program or curriculum, including a needs assessment, assessment of target population characteristics and environment characteristics and other elements of a situation.
  • Candidates will plan a program or curriculum using a variety of techniques for determining instructional content, analyzing the characteristics of existing and emerging technologies and their use in an instructional environment and reflecting upon them before finalizing design solutions and strategies.
  • Candidates will design and develop programs or curricula that reflect an understanding of the diversity of learners. They will select and use a variety of techniques to define and sequence the instructional content and strategies, create, select or modify existing instructional materials and evaluate and assess instruction and its impact.
  • Candidates will apply business skills to plan and manage instructional design projects and promote collaboration, partnerships and relationships among the participants in a design project.
  • Candidates will provide for the effective implementation of instructional products and programs and design instructional management systems.

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